Who are the Most Well-Known Brands in E-file Tax Software?

Online tax filing is inexpensive and the instructions are easy, so many business tax preparers will be choosing to e-file  their taxes in 2015. If you would like to use e-filing to file your taxes but are uncertain as to which company has the best software, the following information should help you make an informed choice.

e-File Tax Software

e-File Tax Software


Top E-filing Tax Software

TurboTax is currently the number one tax-filing software out there. They have the highest accuracy and best support out of all tax programs. TurboTax has been around for many years, and most who file their own taxes  choose to use this software.

Cons of TurboTax
The only con of using TurboTax is the fact that you can’t import your tax information from other software. Other than that, this software is nearly perfect for any tax return. Many other tax programs are not as user-friendly as TurboTax, so it’s highly recommended to choose this software first, when filing your own returns.

This software is a very good one, second only to TurboTax. It’s fairly easy to use when filing your own tax returns. You can file a free federal return and pay as little as $14.99 for a state return. Even if you don’t have all the knowledge needed to file taxes, this software makes it easy.

Cons of TaxACT
Unfortunately, TaxACT does not provide free telephone support, in case you run into trouble and need help. You also cannot use a mobile version of this software yet to file your taxes. Either way, this is a great software to choose when you want to file taxes online.

H&R Block
Although this company is well known for filing taxes in person, they now offer software do you can file your own taxes online. They have made the online version easy enough to use that you don’t have to go into the office to file your taxes.

Cons of H&R Block
You can file very complicated returns using H&R Block’s online filing, but their returns are more costly than some other programs. Because they have implemented their experience with tax filing into the software, they can charge more money. The cost may still be worth it if your tax return is complex but you still want to file online.

This company is well known for their online e-filing. They offer audit assistance if needed. Individuals in the military can file for free; otherwise, their e-filing is very low cost. Prices are listed on their site, so there is no guesswork for what you’ll owe. The software is easy enough to use, so anyone can file, even with very little e-filing knowledge.

Cons of TaxSlayer
If you prefer to download software directly to your computer, TaxSlayer does not provide downloadable versions of their program. You must purchase a CD-ROM from their site or another store, which will take additional time. This may be a problem for some, but overall, it’s still a good choice for e-filing online.

eSmart Tax
This software is actually a part of Liberty Tax, which is a well-known name in the tax industry. If you’re doing 1040 filing, you can get do so for free or for a low cost, depending on certain factors. The best part is that free chat support is available for all customers, whether you are paying for your services or not.

Cons of eSmart Tax
There is no telephone support available,  only chat support. You must create an account before being able to utilize chat support, making it impossible to ask any questions at all, unless you open up an account. Depending on the complexity of your taxes, you may or may not be bothered by their limited customer service choices.

e-Filing in The Cloud?

If you want to file 1099 forms online, but don’t want to use desktop software, there are options.  You can use the latest cloud technology. The industry terminology is SaaS, or Software as a Service. Basically, it’s highly secure web software that functions as good as desktop software – and most time better. Why? It’s really simple. It shortcuts some of the process with transferring your data between software applications that may have “communication issues” and become an IT test for you.

Typically, these SaaS services are available via a website address, which means you can typically do your filings from anywhere. Software updates and support issues are typically non-issues because the website software is constantly updated and scrutinized for improvements. The bottom line is that e-file services are a massive time-saver and a productivity booster for any company that needs to do tax filings.

We’ll go over some of the industry leaders in another post, but here’s the video for one of the industry leaders – www.eFile4Biz.com. They file 1099 online for you – as well as W-2’s – and deliver printed copies to the recipients. Check them out, even if you’re just looking for criteria to do a wider comparison of providers to choose from.


Many are choosing to do their own taxes through e-filing as opposed to going to an expensive tax preparer. E-filing is significantly lower in cost than using a professional tax preparer, and may cost as little as a tenth of the cost of a professional preparer. If you’re looking to save money, you should choose to file your taxes online.  Stop by our Delicious page, and post your comments or resource links to debate this matter further.